Refugee Resettlement Services


Cuban and Haitians


Our Programs

JFS offers numerous programs to help newcomers feel welcomed into our community:

  • Integration – JFS staff and volunteers provide cultural orientation and teach clients how to access and use public services.
    • Public transportation
    • Emergency services
    • School enrollment
    • Obtaining identification like a driver’s license
  • Health – JFS will guide clients through required medical screenings and vaccinations. 
  • Emotional and mental wellness – JFS can provide emotional and mental wellness services. Community activities and educational workshops are offered to foster connections. 
  • Social Services – JFS provides assistance in helping newcomers apply for low-cost housing, enrollment or training programs, medical and legal needs, and researching additional services as needed.

Our Efforts continue

In November 2021, JFS of Greater Harrisburg relaunched its refugee resettlement program, operating under the auspices of HIAS (formerly the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society). 

Funded by federal, state, foundation grants and private donations, JFS is currently serving families from Afghanistan, Cuba, Haiti, and Ukraine.

How You Can Help Our Newcomers

Volunteer needs and opportunities could include, but are not limited to:

We Need Your Help in so many areas:

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