Financial Assistance at JFS

Back on Track

Back on Track, also known as the Geduldig Fund, was conceived with and sustained through the generosity of Ellen and Michael (z”l) Geduldig. This program helps individuals and families who run the risk of “falling between the cracks” due to short term financial situations. These emergency problems can often be eliminated by a “lift” in the form of short-term financial support.


“Rena” was a single mother of two struggling to make ends meet after her husband walked out on the family. She had lost her job due to Covid and was having a hard time paying her bills. Although she was interviewing for a job and had hopes of becoming employed, she was one month behind in her car payment. Rena needed her car to go on other interviews and then to drive to her new place of employment. To save Rena from “falling through the cracks,” JFS offered to pay one month’s car payment. This gesture helped Rena on her way to self-sufficiency so that she could provide for her herself and her children.

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