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Defining ADHD and Trauma

Knowing about the connection and overlap between ADHD and trauma makes all the difference in assessing and treating ADHD and trauma. If your child has an ADHD diagnoses, takes meds, but something just doesn’t feel right and they are not responding to the meds, listen to your gut. Although ADHD and trauma may both be playing a part in your child’s life, a customized approach is the key to helping them live their best lives.

Dear Director: ADHD or Trauma?

Our 8-year-old adopted daughter is doing a terrible job of following directions and staying on task at school. Her pediatrician is convinced it must be ADHD and wants to put her on meds for that, but I am concerned because what if that’s not the problem.  We adopted her when she was 2 and she unfortunately did experience physical abuse and severe neglect before she came to live with us.  I have heard that trauma can look like ADHD, and I want to make sure this is what’s going on before we give her any medicine. Please advise.

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