JFS Newsletter

Honoring Barry Stein: Important Life Lessons & a “Mystery Guest”

One of the highlights of the JFS event honoring Barry Stein on Sunday, October 10th was when the exceptionally talented interviewer, Michael Greenwald, told Barry that JFS had arranged a special message from his brother, Reuben. Reuben resides in Canada and was not able to visit his brother throughout Barry’s life-threatening battle with Covid-19. Expecting a laptop to be brought out, Barry’s eyes lit up when Reuben emerged from around a corner to hug the brother he had not been able to see in person for close to two years. But that was not the only highlight of the night. While we all learned about Barry’s accomplishments throughout his career, the real focus on the event was on the journey he went through overcoming Covid. 

2021 State of the Agency: “Lives touched & Lives Transformed”

Jewish Family Service of Greater Harrisburg is pleased to report that it continues to meet the challenges presented by COVID-19 head on, and through the support of our many donors and volunteers, and the dedicated efforts of our board and staff, we have increased our services to the community over the past year. With the current mental health stresses touching all of our lives and with so many families facing financial uncertainty caused by the ongoing pandemic, JFS has been at the forefront of transforming the lives of individuals and families in the Greater Harrisburg area and helping everyone reach their full potential and achieve health, wholeness and stability. 

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