JFS Newsletter

“I Gotchu Son”

JFS ‘Adoption and Foster Care Program is thriving. We work with foster families, pre-adoptive families, children in the child welfare system, and adoptive families. Below is an inspiring story about one success story.

Project Lift/Back On Track Annual Report: 2021

Since 2017, through the generosity of our donors, Jewish Family Service of Greater Harrisburg supported some of the most vulnerable members of our community through our Back on Track Initiative and Project Lift.
Back on Track offers emergency financial support to individuals and families who run the risk of “falling through the cracks,” due to short term financial problems. These emergency problems can often be eliminated by a “lift” in the form of a minimal one-time offer of financial support.Project Lift connects individuals and families with JFS services as well as with those provided by other social service organizations. These services can benefit those who may already be in the JFS system as mental health therapy clients but could also benefit from a “lift” of additional social services

JFS Launches Virtual Grief Support Group

With so many community members having experienced losses over the past 2 years, JFS leans into this trend to offer an online Grief Support Group. A member of the community suggested this was a missing resource and JFS rose to the occasion. The grief group is designed for anyone who has lost a significant loved one recently.

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