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Debunking Those Trauma Myths

Trauma is a tricky concept. Susceptible to untruths or myths. Children who have been adopted all come from a place of trauma. How to parent these children is key to your whole family’s overall well-being. Learn how your own misconceptions of trauma may be holding you back and impeding your children’s overall development.

Building Healthy Sibling Relationships

As parents, it is normal to struggle inside when your children fight with each other. Fighting amongst siblings is normal; part of learning conflict resolution. Our Resource Family Coordinator spreads her wisdom in this piece about how to nurture healthy sibling relationships. She shares not only her professional expertise but her personal experience with her own brother.

Dear Director: The Value of Connecting to Other Adoptive Families

Dear Director:

I was at back-to-school last night at my adopted daughter’s school. Boy, did I feel alienated and out of place. The other moms were all worried about picture day and being able to access their child’s grades. I am just happy when my 11-year-old daughter gets to the bus on time and has a day with no major behavioral incidents. I see now what everyone has been saying about the value of knowing other adoptive families. But I know none. I just don’t even know where to start meeting and connecting with other similar families.

Please Help!

Trauma from Riverfront Park Fourth of July shooting scare is real

Originally published on Pennlive By Kay Broderick Thousands of people were at Riverfront Park in Harrisburg on July 4, celebrating the holiday and waiting for the traditional fireworks display. Then panic struck. People heard a shout of “gun!” That was followed by what sounded like gun shots causing terror and people to run. In the …

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