How Do I Do I Even Meet Other Adoptive Families?

If you have made it this far in the Newsletter…

…then something has resonated with you about needing and wanting to connect with other adoptive families. Although it may seem overwhelming to find a way to find such families, read on for various ways to connect virtually and in-person. The benefits of knowing other adoptive families are innumerable and far outweigh the efforts and fear of making yourself vulnerable.

Adoption Websites

Support Groups

  • Post Permanency Groups
  • JFS Support Group: coming soon

Social media

There are so many ways to connect with other adoptive families through Facebook. Search for support groups for adoptive families to get started. Here are some samples:

*Caution about joining or communicating with Facebook Groups whose motives are not genuine.  You can always leave a group if someone or something makes you uncomfortable. Facebook is not where you go to adopt or rehome your child.

There are so many professionals on Instagram that post daily inspiring words and real-life scenarios that can keep you hopeful! Check these out:


  • Mentoring Parents connect families with children with Special Needs
  • Youth Mentors  through YMCA in Carlisle
  • Youth Mentors through YMCA in Harrisburg
  • Become a Youth Advocate:  Are you a young person who experienced foster care or adoption? Do you want to make a difference for other young people in foster care or adoption? Is so, check out this wonderful opportunity.



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