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On behalf of Jewish Family Service of Greater Harrisburg, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors, donors, and guests for making Resilience, Survival & Hope: Life Lessons from The Daughter of Auschwitz a tremendous success.

Thank you to Tova Friedman, for sharing your profound experience as a child Holocaust survivor with 280 community members and for inspiring us to educate others about the Holocaust and reminding us that the more we help and heal others, the more we help and heal ourselves.


“You never know what your words will mean to other people. I hope that it will let people think that if we don’t stop this hatred of the other, it will lead to where it led me.”-Tova

The event garnered fabulous press.

Steven Schauder wrote an Op-Ed. The article can be read here.

Tova Friedman appeared on Good Day PA. The segment can be viewed on their website

Tova appeared on Spark which can be viewed here. 



The day of event also brought highlights from various press that attended the event.

Pennlive wrote “Holocaust survivor uses TikTok to fight bigotry, shares stories to heal trauma: ‘Get to know people’.”

WGAL published “One of youngest Holocaust survivors shares story of resilience: ‘I don’t want people to forget.'”

Local21 wrote “Holocaust survivor shares her experiences in Harrisburg.” 


Dr. Jordan Klein, Chairperson

Dr. Robyn Chotiner

Frank Fleishman

Dr. Rachael Miller

Mary McGrath

Carrie Lepore

Kat Monnier

Kristian Beverly

Jeanette Krebs, Marketing

Sophia Fox, Marketing

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Thank You To Our Sponsors!

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