You can connect with your family, unwind from the daily grind, and feel rejuvenated by embarking on a STAYCATION. All it takes is some real planning and then shifting your point of view. A staycation actually can be just as wonderful as a proper vacation if you present it to your family in the right way. So go ahead and plan a big reveal to your family for your upcoming summer staycation. The great thing about a staycation is that there are no rules. You can develop a customized and of course, exciting plan that suits your family’s unique needs and tastes.

Less Costly

Staycations are cheaper than traditional vacations. There are no air fares to consider, hotel fees, and decreased gas costs depending on what you choose to do. Food can also be considerable less expensive as your home base is right in your own home which includes your kitchen and take-out options.

Less Transitions

If your children get to sleep in their own beds every night, they most likely will feel more relaxed. Less stress makes for happier kids. Having the consistency and reliability of home can make a world of difference for kids who struggle with change. Most kids from a trauma background are challenged by new things, including change, which proper vacations necessarily include. A staycation allows your kids to stay calm and secure while also having time to bond as a family whilst exploring new things.

Planning is a Must

To keep the vacation-like mood, you gotta plan and share those plans. Once you have your itinerary, destination, and activities all mapped out, come up with a way to share it with your family. Remember, with anything, the presentation is half the battle. So go ahead and put some thought, effort, and fun into creating alluring ways to get your family excited about your next staycation. I always recommend a visual of the details, including food options, car-ride lengths, and any other choices to be made.  And then make sure to tape that visual on the wall, the door, or wherever your family will see it a lot. This way your kids can have time to process the plans, be ready to make decisions, and will have clear expectations. Most important with a posted plan, everyone can start getting excited. After all what is a vacation without anticipation!

Staycations really do work but this rule must be followed. Even if you just take ONE work call, you’ve ruined the vibe. As hard as it may be to put your work down, arranging this planned period off from your job can truly make a staycation magical. Be creative. Only have one-half day off of your job, you can still make that work. Be flexible. Need to get that report done by a deadline. Do it over the weekend so you can be fully present with your family during your staycation. Plan ahead and take time off from your job, treat your staycation as a vacation, as in the end it truly can be.

For grown ups too! Just this requirement will change the vibe when you are all together. Perhaps that sense-of humor will resurface that has been hiding, maybe those hard conversations will naturally pop up, the sky is the limit when you put those phones away! And if a whole day seems impossible, make a schedule where everyone can use their phone for short periods of time throughout the day. Remember the goal is fun and connection and being device-free can make this possible.


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